• Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice.... Choose Wisely!!

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  • Hello And Welcome

    To A More Holistic Approach To Living Your Best Life Now


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    High Road Holistic Center

    A little oasis up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico

    Our old adobe house is a magical and safe space to come and begin your healing journey. Tucked back from the county road and surrounded by forest on one side and fruit trees, gardens and pastureland on the other; peace emanates from the earth and surrounds you with a great sense of support. A perfect place to let go of your past and move forward with a renewed sence of self.



    The Process Of Becoming Well Again

    Listen to the subtle ways our body talks to us and develop a deep love for how amazing we are

    Behind every physical ailment there lies an emotional component. We can never fully recover from dis-ease by merely mending just one half of the equation. True healing requires looking at the layers, the places where we hold the trauma and emotional toxicity in our brain and where it takes up residence within our physiology. We begin with a bioenergetic scan and are able to see the places that have held on to trauma, which is fascinating to see. Your heart and mind are waiting for you to do the work. Freeing yourself from excessive baggage that keeps you stuck, sick and emotionally drained is a journey worth the taking; holistically restoring the mind, body and soul back to optimal well-being.


    Give Yourself Permission To Heal!

    We all need to know that it's ok to change

    There is no person exactly like you and therefore your healing journey is unique. There is no cookie cutter fix all plan. With each session we uncover a new layer that is ready to be addressed. The body knows what it's ready to work on and shows you the way. All you need to do is....

    • show up whether in person or remote
    • be present during your sessions
    • stick with it
    • be willing to do the work to allow for change
    • Love yourself big time
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  • With so much conflicting information what is the right way?

    It's the way that feels right for you and is in alignment with your heart.

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    These past few years have created an awakening with how important our

    HEALTH FREEDOM rights are and how quickly things can change without our consent. The thing is social pressure (mandates) made us make decisions that did not necessarily resonate with our soul. Making a choice that feels right for you might not be the most popular choice, it is however trusting in your ability to do what is right for you.

    So here you are today ready to take action and move forward into this next phase of life to help your physical body become healthier, age with gusto and nurture your mental well-being. All seriously BIG stuff, all doable and so worth trying!

    Keep the faith my friends, you've got this.

  • I am here when you are ready

    In this lifetime we have the tools to help release and heal from our past.

    There has never been a more appropriate time to focus on your nutrional and physical self-care than right now. If you are curious and would like a complimentary consultation just fill out the boxes below.


    Have an amazing day,


    Jennifer MacDowell HC

    Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

    Emotional Memory Release Founder

    Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner


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    The Journey is Everything.....when you are ready to begin it will align perfectly!