• The Power of Plant Oils Help Heal The Emotional Body


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  • Emotional Memory Release Limbic System Treatment

    So That You Feel Happier, Sleep Better, Stress Less And Let That Shit Go

    Emotion plays such a large role in daily life and in not feeling well physically and yet this is an area that seems to be the most overlooked and unaddressed component of physical dis-ease. The limbic system (emotional motor system) is a complex area in the brain and is responsible for the experience and expression of emotion. It helps regulate memories, hormones, sexual arousal and your circadian rhythm. It is here that our emotional experience is translated and embedded within our cells as emotion. The amygdala and hypothalamus, keepers of the emotional memories, process input from our senses -- vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Our emotions and memories are stored here from the moment we are born.

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  • Is Your Brain Full Of Mental Clutter???

    Too many thoughts can make it hard to focus and get anything accomplished


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    For most of us we live with constant stressors and carry fear and anxiety from past traumas. Sometimes we may not even realize that we are responding to a new experiences from our unhealed past emotional memories. We answer from old emotional tapes and therefore aren't fully in the moment, experiencing these new life encounters. This repetitive unconscious emotional response is how most of us navigate through our hectic life. In fact, we have become accustomed to living with high levels of stress which triggers anxiety, fear and freak-out as if this is a normal state to live in. Our emotions trigger a physical response like a churning stomach, tingling limbs, heart palpitations or a racing mind. Can you feel any of these just reading these words and can you relate to this pattern in your life?

  • Our Mind Holds The Memories Of Shock And Trauma

    The brain holds the emotional memory toxicity, the body is where the shock and trauma reside

    Trauma, like a watermark on a photograph, imprints in our cells. When we make new cells they are made from our existing cells, and therefore pass down the watermark. This is part of why PTSD is so challenging to heal from because talk therapy deals with talking about the trauma and sometimes taking prescribed medications to help ease anxiety and depression, but it doesn't get to the root of the real issue nor does it address where in the physical body this trauma landed.


    But Guess What?????? There are new ways to approach healing and releasing these stored emotions that can lighten your mental load and help you with making healthy new cells without the trauma imprint from your past. For most of us right now our new experiences are tainted from a past emotional memory and because your limbic system, where memories park, is full there isn't much space for healthy new ones to be added. When our limbic system is full we operate on overload and even the simplest things feel complicated. Can you imagine how full of emotional memories we are? Hence the creation of the Emotional Memory Release Treatment, to help you begin to effortlessly release the heaviness of your life experiences.


  • Lighten Your Life With Emotional Memory Release


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    EMR Remote Consultation




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    EMR Remote Consultation

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